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Thread: [SOLVED] Can't contact server

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    Default [SOLVED] Can't contact server

    I've had to rebuild my e-mail server due to a power failure that out lasted my UPS. I'm installing on the same machine in the same location with the same 'name'.

    The server is up and running and I can send mail out bound when on the local machine but when I try to log in (using a separate internet connection) I get a server time out.

    I have a DNS record (hosted by godaddy) that resolves my server name to the correct IP address and an MX record pointing to my mail server.

    I can remote to the server using VNC from the second internet connection also.

    Please help, my server has been down going into it's fourth day.

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    I've also done a little reading so maybe I can answer one question now. My host file is as follows: localhost.localdomain localhost mail

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    Talking Closed - Thanks Rick!

    My deepest thanks to Rick Hunt of Zimbra for all his fine work. His help was invaluable in troubleshooting my issues. I'm back up and running and will never use any other e-mail system. Service like this has earned a customer for life!

    Many Thanks! (and I still owe you a beer!)

    Michael R. Brown

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