I've got an urgent question:
We had a scenario with two servers (6.0.4 FOSS on Ubuntu 8.0.4) where the second(ary) server had no LDAP installed but was forwarding every query to the primary server.
Since performance on this machine suffered I decided to install the LDAP service and configure it according to Installing a Replica LDAP Server as LDAP replica.

Unfortunately, after the upgrade the LDAP replication is either not working or the secondary server can't benefit from it. Currently I do get in log/zmmtaconfig.log cycles of

Tue Apr 13 05:34:19 2010 Sleeping...Key lookup failed.
Tue Apr 13 05:34:54 2010 Skipping Configuration for server secondaryserver update.
Tue Apr 13 05:34:54 2010 gs:secondaryserver ERROR: account.NO_SUCH_SERVER (no such server: secondaryserver)
Tue Apr 13 05:34:54 2010 Sleeping...Key lookup failed.

Can someone help me out please?

Many thanks,