Hi all,

I did not find the right answer in the forum, so I open a new post.
Please correct me if I am wrong.

I just started my company and have choosen Zimbra as my email and collaboration platform.
The installation went so far well and I am impressed.

But I have for the moment not so much capital and need to run it on a low cost network at home.
Now I am stucked with my setup a bit. I get always either my homepage or my zimbra page so running that I can reach it from the outside

(example IP addresses)
I have now a Linux webserver on Ubuntu 9.10 SRV running with IP xxx.xxx.xxx.999
Works fine so far.

My Zimbra suite, newest version, runs on Ubuntu 8.04.4 SRV with IP xxx.xxx.xxx.888

Unfortunely is the internetconnection provided from my landlord a cableTV provider and the router has no NAT otherwise I would just translate it from a different port.

I want to have it either as 'mail.jr-it.com' or also OK would be /mail or a port.

But I always struggle with the bind/apache setup.

As I see it I need to forward port 80 to my webserver and need to setup bind so that requests to mail.jr-it.com get forwarded to IP xxx.xxx.xxx.888
In that case I don't need to touch the bind/apache setup on the zimbra server.
Or do I need to change the config files there too?

And what are the config files I need to change anyway. I somehow got confused I need to admit that I was till now, workrelated manly working with Windows and I always need pressure to learn. But with the start of my company I get now the pressure I need

Just a second question. I did not dig into it and might find the answer but if someone just has it handy..
The internet connetion is dynamic and as I sent a test mail to my hotmail account I got a mail delivery failure that they dont accept mails from dynamic hosts.
Any way to disguise that?
Otherwise it would be OK if I just can send it via my hotmail account but I did not find any setup to include a different SMPT setup in a user account.
I could include the pop account from hotmail, but found only the possibity to send in behalve of.

Thanks for any help.