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Thread: [SOLVED] possible pf problems

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    Default [SOLVED] possible pf problems

    By posting I'm hoping someone has an idea on what and where to look...

    I currently just installed zimbra 6 on an an ubuntu 8 lts... both fresh installs...

    I have all working but getting emails... I really think I'm blocking something with the pf filter but for the life of me can't find it...

    I realize this is kind of vague... Let me back up...

    I pass all traffic through a openbsd fire wall and the web server and mail server is setting in a dmz... The mail server and email server were the same but with the heavy loads on the web server and the want to get away unix based mail... And I refuse to install exchange and the cries from my boss... Zimbra was and is the best solution... Anyhow, after a long day here I am at home trying to figure out way I can't get emails... I'm almost positive it is in the pf filter... But not sure what... everything ran fine and I just pointed to a new machine...

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    Default I feel silly

    I read all the install stuff... and everything... But like everything seeing the tree in the forest...

    As with a lot of installs--that is why they have several work arounds.... Port 7025 not being forwarded... And with not being able to find away to safely forward this through the wall... I did a ip alias on the machine in question...

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