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Thread: slapd start failed - unable to bind *mystery*

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    Default slapd start failed - unable to bind *mystery*

    I am running ZCS 6.06 on Debian Lenny. I had a working install, but I attempted a restart and started running into issues.

    daemon: listen(ldap://good.working.fqdn:390, 5) failed errno=98 (Address already in use)
    checked netstat and ps - the only thing that comes close is the main auth slapd on 389. I had setup Zimbra to use this one for auth - and it was working fine. I will mention that I had the bad idea of trying out ispCP and it got deep into many conf files. Not sure if it knows about Zimbra, or had any effect. ispCP has been removed since. Everything was back to normal. But I attempted to restart ZCS after I noticed the webmail interface was not working - but the admin interface was.

    Any Ideas?


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    Are you still having problems ? Please post
    netstat -anp
    If you shutdown ZCS completely are there any rogue processes left running ?

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    I have the same error, but in my case I changed the ip address of my server so is there anything I must change in the ldap? although my ldap_master_url and ldap_url are in fqn.

    Please help....
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