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Thread: MTA Trusted Networks

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    Default MTA Trusted Networks

    I am trying to migrate from Desknow to Zimbra as the later seems to be more featured but the MTA issue is driving me nuts.

    I am not an expert at Linux by any means so I am doing everything from the Admin console.

    I am getting the "...must contain local network interfaces..." error.

    I am also using Webmin which lets me see all the network interfaces but still no luck.

    Only complicating item is that I have IPv6 installed and running on my LAn so the Zimbra box automatically picks up an addr.

    This is probably very simple but I am not seeing it.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    That mean:
    -MTA trusted networks must has itself: such as or your mail server address with subnet mask is 32 ( or the ip range that has your mail server
    -All machines these are placed in trusted network can send mail with out passing authenticate step

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