I got Zimbra up and running today on Fedora Core 4, however the instructions in the Quick Start guide are missing a number of steps. Fortunately I was able to track those down via the forum, thanks to the responses of KevinH of Zimbra.

But a suggestion for KevinH, if the quick start instructions were updated, it would solve lots of common problems making it less frustrating for those trying to install the product.

Key items I found lacking in the quick start guide were:
1. the need to create a sym link to libcrypto.so and libssl.so
2. ensure that FQDN entries in /etc/hosts appear before hostnames, otherwise the creation of the certificate will fail.
3. the correct procedures to install the certificate for both the mta and mailbox

But to Zimbra, thanks for what looks like a really impressive product. Now to actually test the operations as opposed to installation issues. Albeit I've got the Exchange migration issue to test further down the track.