Hello folks, I was able to successfully instal Zimbra and create users, etc. I am struggling with global settings, MTA? I use an ISP webhosting server that requires authentication, I have tried every combination from Global Setting (MTA) but nothing seems to work. I want to use ZImbra as a collaboration portal to schedule meeting, rooms or equipment, and chat with employees since most employees are at remote sites. I was hoping to be able to setup Zimbra using my webhosting mail accounts as defaults not as "external Account". If I create a user in Zimbra say joe.blow@example.com which already exists at my webhosting server, I would love for all my users to authenticate automatically without having to setup an external acccount using MTA settings, is this possible? or how would I go about authenticating email accounts? do I need to setup MTA and authenticate via LDAP? I have spent several days looking for a solution with n o luck. Any help would be veru appreciated. I am running Ubuntu 8.04 on VMWARE.