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Thread: MySQL & Apache Co-Exist with Zimbra?

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    Default MySQL & Apache Co-Exist with Zimbra?

    I finally got a working install up and going. (Feeling rather satisfied ) However, to get it working I did a minimal install and let Zimbra install MySQL and Apache by itself. Is it possible to put Zimbra on a server that already has Apache and MySQL running? If so what's the trick because that's where I was running into problems initially?

    For what its worth, I'd also just like to say that these forums are great. I've read lots of good responses while trying to learn about Zimbra in the last couple of days. Once I get a better grasp on things I'm going to push it hard and see how many Exchange people I can convert.

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    If you already have Apache installed the install of Zimbra should detect the port conflict and give you the opportunity to change zimbra to another port. MySQL shouldn't cause any problems as the Zimbra instance of MySQL uses a non-standard port.


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