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Thread: Moving Inboxes AFTER failed upgrade

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    Default Moving Inboxes AFTER failed upgrade


    I backed up the /opt/zimbra folder, but did not go through the backup process for zimbra prior to upgrading it.

    I had issues, that forced me to remove the old installation and start with a new one.

    What can I do to move over the information from the directory backup to the new installation?

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    You should search the wiki for the words 'disaster recovery' and follow the instructions in the article you find.


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    Thank you for the suggestion. I was able to find an array of recovery methods for the network edition, but non for the open source edition.

    If anyone else has this issue. I was able to find that you can use zmmailbox and import the old messages from the store folder.

    The store folder's formate is /opt/zimbra/store/0/"user#"/msg/"folder#"
    The user number is the number of that user, and the folder number, I think, is a folder that they previously had.

    Reguardless you can recover their messages like so:

    su zimbra
    adminAuthenticate -u password
    createfolder /Folder1
    addMessage /Folder1 /opt/zimbra/store/0/"user#"/msg/0

    If you type the folder wrong for the addMessage command, it WILL boot you out of the zmmailbox prompt.

    I am sure their is another way to recover messages, but I was able to recover the times, the e-mails were received.

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