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Thread: Error_while_installing_zimbra 6.0

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    Default Error_while_installing_zimbra 6.0

    I have installed Vmware 6.0 in my desktop. and installed RHEL 5.
    I have configured /etc/hosts and DNS server files properly.
    nslookup and mx entry is resolved.
    I installed all dependencies regarding zcs-NETWORK-6.0.6_GA_2324.RHEL5.20100406131453
    e.g. libtool, sysstat compat etc.
    Even I installed zimbra 6.0 successfully
    but when i switched user
    " su - zimbra"
    "zmcontrol status"
    then it shows mailboxd stopped and stats stopped.

    mailboxd stopped
    zmmtaconfig is running
    mysql.server is not running
    mailboxd is running
    bottom of the line
    stats stopped

    Please reply soon.

    nslookup and mx entry resolution is done from xp but not in linux 5.0.
    dig is not successfully done in linux o.s.
    but it is done in windows X.P.
    here i attached files which you need.Error_installing_zimbra.bmp


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    Welcome to the forums

    Please post the following information from the Zimbra server
    cat /etc/hosts
    cat /etc/resolv.conf
    dig yourdomain mx
    dig yourdomain any
    host `hostname` <- note backticks and not single quotes

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