yes, I know there is a world of split DNS guides out there, and lots of great information, unfortunately, none of them seem to take into account the changes that seem to be in bind 9.3 ... named.conf file?

I'm certainly not a power use, but after reading probably 15 to 20 guides (zimbra site, zimbra forums, howtoforge, centos site, .... and many more) on installing zimbra on centos I have hit the wall on bind and split dns.

everything I find is talking about an older version of bind as far as I can tell. I have a fresh clean install, up-to-date of CentOS and it happily tells me that Bind 9.3.6-4.... is installed and ready to go. However, that's about as far as it goes.... none of the instructions on any of the guides seem to apply to editing the files to properly deal with the split dns setup.

I found a report on some site, don't recall which one, where people were listing the fact that the named.conf file is not part of the bind 9.3 install... and a discussion on that issue, some calling it a bug, some calling it a feature... fun fun, very little help.

Anyway... I can happily follow a guide and I'm sure there must be one out there, so please, point me in the right direction, I think my head might pop off if I keep going ...this has actually been on going for a week and a half now....

Still believing.....