I'm setting up a new installation of Zimbra that is going to have 2 nodes for high availability. I'm using Heartbeat and Pacemaker as my cluster monitoring stack, and DRBD as my network replication. I've got a happy Zimbra installation, and a happy cluster configuration. When kept separate, they both work fine. I'm having a bit of trouble integrating Zimbra to the cluster. I'm using the regular init script for Zimbra, since there is no OCF script that I can find anywhere. As far as I can tell, the Zimbra init script is LSB compliant, as described here.

Appendix*G.*Is This init Script LSB Compatible?

I *think* the problem is Pacemaker is timing out before Zimbra can finish starting, which causes a failure. The timeout is somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 seconds. LSB resources can't be given any parameters in Pacemaker like OCF can, they're just run "as is". I've tried adding "op timeout=360s" to the Zimbra resource, but that didn't change anything.

It works fine if I let it time out and fail and then do a zmcontrol startup. The crm_mon still sees it as stopped, so I'm thinking it times out and then stops monitoring it.

Is anybody here familiar with this sort of setup and can help me out? I'll post configs and logs if so. If not anybody on the forums, does tech support help with this sort of stuff, or will it be brushed away as a Pacemaker problem? We've got a support contract and I don't mind using a ticket for this, but I don't want to waste one if it's something they're not going to help me with.