I'm attempting to create a test ESXi Zimbra server and have run into a problem.

I have followed the migration guide using the ./install.sh -s method and rsyncing over my backup data. I installed the same version of Zimbra, but have changed OS. After the install, I can login fine, and I see all my mail, but when I try to read any of it, I get "???mail.NO_SUCH_BLOB???" which I assume means it can't find the message file that is indexed. I have confirmed the store file is there in its entirety, and it was verified successfully.

The second problem is that most of my users aren't listed in the admin section now. Only my mailing list mailman aliases are there, that is 67 out of around 600 accounts. On my main server I have the samba extensions installed, so I'm not sure if that is having any effect.

I have done this type of migration test before to a physical server running the same OS before I had the samba extension installed, with no hiccups. Any ideas where I should start in trouble shooting this? Thanks in advance