I am currently trying to get Zimbra up and running. The problem I have is that zimbra is trying to relay mail to the root domain's ip.

How do I configure zimbra to send mail to itself?

cat /etc/hosts localhost.localdomain localhost example.com mail

the firewall(pfsense) is configured to forward the public address to

The dns record are as follow

host example.com
example.com has address
example.com mail is handled by 10 mail.example.com.

host -t a mail.example.com
mail.example.com has address

Zimbra's ip address is however all the received mail are being forwarded to as a result all the received mail ended up in the deferred queue.

I search the forum but did not find a solution.

Also, the load average is around 0.56 0.69 0.75 with only a couple test email. Is this normal? The server is a dual core xeon 2.13ghz with 3gb of memory and a 300gb hd running debian lenny.