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Thread: DNS latency and IPs

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    Default DNS latency and IPs

    I'm setting up a fresh Zimbra installation, migrating from a QMail setup.

    I'm building a new DNS setup to go forward with and I was looking into the split DNS required for servers with private IPs.

    One article (or forum post) said to keep the DNS servers on the individual server as the latency of an external server can really mess things up. Elsewhere I saw that I need a separate DNS server for multi-server setups.

    I'm thinking about going forward with the separate DNS server that handles all DNS operations for my WISP (local resolution, caching for clients, etc.).

    I was going to have private IPs on an internal VLAN for traffic among all of the servers, and public IPs on the MTA and mailserver servers on a public VLAN.

    Should I continue with what I was planning, or consider something else?

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    There should be no problem (for Zimbra) with your DNS server being installed on another machine in your LAN.


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