I have a few questions regarding the cut-over to Zimbra.

My current mail server FQDN is mail.domain.com. My Zimbra server's FQDN is zimbra.domain.com. For all intents and purposes, I'll change my DNS to be mail.domain.com to point to zimbra.domain.com.

In the Domains configuration and the General Information tab, I'm assuming that I put mail.domain.com in to the Public service host name box? My upstream spam-filter is relay.isp.com and that'll by my inbound SMTP host name.

Under the Servers config and the General Information tab, do I put mail.domain.com in the LMTP advertised name and bind address? Under the MTA tab, do I add mail.domain.com as a Web mail MTA hostname.

Once I point my firewall to point to SMTP on Zimbra, do I need to change anything?

I'm just asking because I want this cut-over to go as painlessly as possible and as little downtime as possible.