Hi folks - I've got a 5.0.21 32bit NE running on top of CentOS 5.3 (32bit) locally. I've been planning on moving to another local server I have to upgrade to 64bit, following the 32bit -> 64bit upgrade guide. The server(s) I have are Dell PowerEdge 1950/2850 machines maybe 2-3years old. 10GB+ RAM, 146GB SAS 10k drives, 1.6Ghz quad core, etc. Decent machines.

Looking into just moving the Zimbra install to an EC2 m1.large instance running CentOS5.x 64bit. I've already moved all my web hosting/dev environments over to EC2 so very familiar w/ the environment. For my setup, I don't see a reason to buy new servers and manage hardware much anymore, with the exception of our local file servers. We're a creative agency and need lots of big files fast so still need my local files servers.

Aside from the cost considerations I'm wondering if anyone has any real experience running Zimbra on EC2. I love the ability to easily expand storage and to automate snapshots for easy backup of the backups. I've also been looking at a hosted Zimbra solution as well. The downside to EC2 (or hosted for that matter) vs a local server is speed when sending internal emails. We do send a lot of attachments internally so the speed and even the Amazon transfer costs could be an issue.

The upside for me for EC2/hosted is no hardware to buy/manage, no power issues and no cooling requirements.

Thanks in advance for your experience and insight!