Just ran a test.. Tried to drag and drop a word document ("Account Managers.doc") and the file was renamed without everything from the character on.. So it added to the email as "Account" .. Looks like the drag and drop deal is not encoding the special characters of file names and dropping everything after it.. It will then suck for windows users who don't know how the hell to open documents that don't have a file extension

Using Firefox 3.6.3 with Windows 7 64bit for testing.

Also does the same in Chrome 5.0.375.70 beta

Interesting experiment tho.. If you use "compose in the same window" - the file gets attached as "Account%20Managers.doc" - so it seems to be working somewhat normal (still looks like a slight encoding issue).. but the filename extension is there.

Any suggestions for a fix? or where to look for a manual patch?


Shane Menshik
D2 Global Inc.