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Thread: [SOLVED] Ldap replica promoted as master and store still looking for the old master

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    Quote Originally Posted by nlebihan View Post
    OK, that solved my problem...

    Dunno why this wasn't updated using the How To, perhaps some element to add in ?
    Like I said, step 2.c. in the Wiki document manages that (by deleting the old values). I've went through that procedure three times now, and have promoted a secondary to master without issues, so I think that the command may have failed you and you may have just missed the error message or something.

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    understood but don't forget that i'm working using a multi server architecture.
    2 ldap, 2 mta and one store with a local mta and ldap.

    These commands (2.c) are mentionned to be done on the new ldap master but not on the other replicas. Only zmlocalconfig –e commands are mentioned to be done on other servers.

    So there is also ldap database modifications (but not deletions as asked for the new ldap master) to be done on others replicas.
    This and only this is missing on the How-to, the user case where there is another ldap replica.
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