Release 6.0.6_GA_2330.UBUNTU8_64 UBUNTU8_64 NETWORK edition.

To replace a crashed ldap master in a multii server architecture, i've just promoted a replica to be the new master following this how-to: Promoting Replica to LDAP Master 6.0 - Zimbra :: Wiki

All works fine but an error message still remain on the store server:

Jun 28 10:54:53 store1 slapd[16797]: slap_client_connect: URI=ldap:// Error, ldap_start_tls failed (-1)

There isn't any reference about ldap1 on the localconfig file.
All seems to be working fine except the pagination of the users administration web gui (can only see the 25th first accounts)

Is there any remaining ldap modification i have to do ?

Thanks in advance