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Thread: Install from source documentation

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    Default Install from source documentation


    I wanted to give zimbra a try because the demo looks really promising.

    But - to be honest - I don't get along with the documentation at all.
    Assuming I have already installed Postfix, OpenLDAP and so on, I can't use the binaries (besides: using debian).

    But trying to build from scratch, things get confusing: The INSTALL.txt in the source seems to be written for developers (running zimbra from eclipse on a windows-Box.)
    It doesn't appear to be meant for installing productive.
    Of course, I don't want to develop but to use it. On Linux.

    Is there another document or forum or wiki or anything that can give some hints on what to do?

    Greetings an thank you for helping,

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    Default debian and lite

    this has been discussed here extensively. Please search. The gist of it is that our build is getting more transparent so building on debian will become easier. Longer term we also want to make it easy to install zimbra on top of existing pieces - for now in this regard there is only INSTALL.txt. Patience please.

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