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Thread: [SOLVED] GAL with openldap problem...

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    Default [SOLVED] GAL with openldap problem...

    Hi all, i'm a fresh user of Zimbra and i try to configure an openldap server to add all my contact.

    When i try to configure GAL in ZimbraAdmin, all is ok.

    But, with the zimbra webmail, i see the autocomplete as below:

    HTML Code:
    "{\"ZMVAL\":[\"My contact\",\"3031170\"]}" <,>;  

    What's can i do to have an autocomplete like:
    HTML Code:
    "My contact" <>;
    Here is an exemple of my ldap entries:

    cn: 3031170
    cn: My contact
    sn: contact
    givenName: My
    uid: 3031170

    Here is my GAL config in ZimbraAdmin
    LDAP filter: (objectclass=*)
    Filter autocomplete: (|(sn=%s*)(mail=%s*))
    LDAP search: cn=AddressBook,dc=mydomain,dc=com

    The ldap server is an OpenLDAP on SuseLinuxEnterpriseServer11,

    Many thanks for your help and best regards.

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    I have found the problem...

    In my ldap scheme, i had two "cn" definitions...

    I have deleted one, and all is ok..

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