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Thread: Assistance configuring inbound MTA

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    Question Assistance configuring inbound MTA

    I am setting up a zimbra server in hopes of weaning myself off of my upstream host owner's technical support. So far I am only partially successful.

    As I am a residential Comcast subscriber, and they mistakenly believe that only spammers would want a home mail server, they block several well-known ports.

    I have successfully configured outbound email (see MTAServerSettingsLow.jpg) to go to a nontraditional port (8088), and mail from my webclient account delivers just fine.

    I am unable to get inbound trafic to work. (see TheError.jpg). I configured the upstream IP ( into the MTA trusted networks, and later turned off DNS lookups, but I still fail.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. If I need to dump a configuration to help you help me, please point me to the appropriate place. I'm trying to stay within the GUI to get things configured, as that was a primary goal in my administration simplification choice.


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