I have installed zimbra on fedora core 4 and I followed the instructions here and everything was fine while setting up, BUT when I reboot the box the /etc/resolv.conf file is reset.

The file looks like this:
;generated by /sbin/dhclient-script
search mydomain.com
nameserver x.x.x.x
nameserver y.y.y.y

The first line is dubious to say the least.

I have thought of 3 solutions and would like input on which is best or possibly someone could propose another.

  1. Uninstall dhcclient
  2. chmod the file unwriteable
  3. some unknown(to me) configuration panel that is overriding my manual edits
  4. ignore it

As far as #3 goes I went to System Settings > Network and changed the entries there, saved the settings and restarted named and the network but the file is still rewriten on boot. Thanks in advance.