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Thread: Using Zimbra as SMTP Only - Problem with domain

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    Default Using Zimbra as SMTP Only - Problem with domain

    Hey guys!!

    I have a zimbra server that I configured just for SMTP use. I don't have any accounts per person but a global SMTP account to send emails through this server.
    The issue I am having is that I have a particular domain that I have registered on the Zimbra server for sending and for some reason everytime a user sends an email through that server to that same domain, the emails get lost.
    I understand that Zimbra is thinking the mail is local mail (since the domain is registered on the server) and it's delivering the email locally to a bulk email account of some sort.
    I need all emails sent to that particular domain to go to another server on the internet.
    Is there a way for me to specify Zimbra that for the domain I want all mail to be sent to an external server instead of processing it locally?
    I have this big puzzle that I wan to solve and I can't seem to find the answer.
    The Zimbra is used for SMTP purposes and I have the other server somewhere else for that domain.

    Thanks much in advance,


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    You can change the zimbraMailTransport property for the user that it's delivering messages to, but Zimbra is really overkill for a project like this

    It's something like:

    zmprov ma zimbraMailTransport
    That will make Zimbra deliver messages destined to that user to the SMTP server you specify.

    That can also be set on a per-domain level as well.

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