I'm running Zimbra 3.1.4 with all components on the same Suse 10.1 (32-bit)server. The server is in a colocation site so we are not on the same network as the server. In addition to the Apache and MySQL that are installed with Zimbra, I have an additional Apache and MySQL install running, without any problems, off of a different network card. I installed zimbra a couple of weeks ago. It is working for the most part but I have a few questions. One is more of an issue than the others and will take some explaining so I'll just do that one in this post and cover the others in a separate post.

The most pressing issue is a problem, I think, with the anti-virus component. The server has twice stopped receiving mail. Any mail sent to the server never arrived in the inboxes and there was no evidence that I could find that it had even come into zimbra at all.

I checked the status from within the admin console and it said everything was running. When I did used zmcontrol to check the status, it showed that the antivirus was stopped. I refreshed the admin console and ran zmcontrol status again and got the same results.

I found this error in /opt/zimbra/log/freshclam.log: "ERROR: Clamd was NOT notified: Can't connect to clamd on". This error matched the approximate times the server stopped receiving mail but was also in there a bunch of other times. After a little googling it seems that this might be a problem or it might not mean anything at all depending on how ClamAV is being used.

The first time, I just rebooted the server and everything was happy again. The second time, I tried to use zmcontrol to stop and start Zimbra. I tried it about three times but the antivirus component was still showing as being stopped. Mail seemed to be coming into the system at that point, though, so I just left it. When I checked the status again later, antivirus was back showing as running and, a week later, everything is still running fine.

Any ideas on what this might be or what log I should be looking at to diagnose the problem.