I would like to share my positive experience in installing ZCS 6.0.7 - 64 bit on Fedora 13.

1 - Download the release for Fedora 11 - link
2 - uncompress the tgz file
3 - now if you proceed running ./install you are unable to go ahead as the installer check the OS version. The installer is for Fedora 11 and the OS is F13 and they do not match. The workaround is to change the file redhat-release as follow:
4 - nano /etc/redhat-release
5 - change "Fedora release 13 (Goddard)" in "Fedora release 11 (Goddard)" and save
6 - run the zcs installer and it will work till the end.
7 - remember to rollback the file >redhat-release< to "Fedora release 13 (Goddard)" when installation is done.

Note the same will be needed to install patches and/or upgragrades

I think that this workaround will work for 32 bit version, too.

Have a nice day.