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Thread: uninstalling zimbra-ldap

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    Default uninstalling zimbra-ldap

    I just installed zimbra for the first time on Fedora 11. I installed it with the ldap. But I realized that I don't care to utilize ldap at all.

    I'm moving from mail enable. I just want to use zimbra to host email for all of my domains. Would this require for me to remove the zimbra-ldap? If so, how can I do this?

    Also, can someone refer me to a how-to section for hosting email for multiple domains?

    ....One more thing....I gave an arbitrary host name to this linux machine. But zimbra appears to require a logical one that it can resolve with. The address for my current mail server I'm using now is It has an MX record and its been working for years. The current mail server is behind a NAT firewall. So is just an outside name while the machine itself has an entirely different host name. The zimbra install suggests that it needs the public name configured as its host name. However when I try to do so, it says it cannot find the MX record for it. When I do nslookup, it finds it just fine. Should I ignore this error?


    I've uninstalled Zimbra completely. I'm hoping someone can direct me to a how-to section that shows the configuration that I am trying to achieve.

    Basically I just want to be able to host multiple domains like I do with Mail Enable. I also want to be able to utilize Spam Assassin filtering. As you've probably guess already....I'm a total n00b at
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