In order for the server statistics to display on the administration console, the syslog configuration files must be modified. As root, type /opt/zimbra/bin/zmsyslogsetup. This enables the server to display statistics.


When I perform the step above, it says No Such File or Directory.

any ideas?

I found zmsyslogsetup located in /opt/zimbra/libexec instead of the location listed above. I ran that file and it appeared to do what it was supposed to do. However now I'm supposed to edit /etc/sysconfig/syslog......and that file does not exist at all.

I'm running zimbra 6.0.7 on Fedora 11.


Within /etc/sysconfig I found rsyslog instead of syslog. It contained the variable that I am supposed to edit. The original option it had started with -c and I think it ended with 0...not sure. But I changed it to SYSLOGD_options=”-r -m 0” like it said in the final setup. Then I stopped and started rsyslog. But when I go to the Zimbra Admin Console, Stats is disabled.