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    Me again....

    I have seen some posts with the installation of phpMyAdmin, but I cannot find any help for my problem - I even don't know where the problem is....

    First: Zimbra and the Zimbra-MySQL Database is working well (I can login to mysql as zimbra). Now I installed phpMyAdmin and tried to configure the config-file... But I cannot login there - all I got is this error message:
    #1251 - Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client
    How will I be able to login there? What does the config-file has to look like? (I set the correct path to the .sock file, the root user to zimbra and found the password for the login in the xml-file... But nothing really worked... :-(
    I think this is a small problem but I even don't get it.... :-(


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    Read this article regarding the "... Client does not support authentication protocol..." error.

    This wont solve how to use phpMyAdmin with Zimbra but should get you one step closer.

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    Well... I read the article... But I cannot believe, that I have to change the password-handling for the Zimbra-MySQL Database....
    The "main" thing in those article means to change the my.ini to

    #Use old password encryption method (needed for 4.0 and older clients).

    And I don't think that Zimbra will continue working if I do that - will it?!
    There must be a better / other way to make phpMyAdmin working....

    Any further suggestions?!

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