I just thought that the communtiy "might" appreciate a viewpoint of a new user installing V6 as of (Aug 2010) on Debian X64, There were some pretty big hiccups and I wanted to share them here to insure that someone can shed some light on them or take the time to review the installation process to solve these issues

1. When installing on Debian X64 there is nothing to warn you about the required packages for the new stats syslogd does not satisfy all of the requirements, there is another package required for the newer flash graphs rsyslog instead of syslogd

2. When setting up a SSL certificate from inside the admin GUI the process does NOT complete with success, also there is nothing in the admin gui telling you what type of certificate to use. eg: apacheSSL, openssl, etc...

3. Public service hostname for domain does not really "explain" what it's used for. This may be a noob concern but there is enough explanation through the rest of the GUI that I feel this was missed. Documents, calendars and anything else shared must be able to access zimbra contect from that link. there should be a note here about this. I never knew what it was for until there was an error, this could be fixed easily

4. Location of the "accept share" in the mails generated when you share and item with someone do not stand out enough, there should be something in the body of the message instead of the top of the message border...

5. There is no area for setting up email authentication like domain keys, DKIM. I know this is more of an ADMIN thing, but seriously anyone of metal knows you must have easy support for this as it's widely used, and a critical part of reliable email service.

6. The headers from zimbra messages are NOT very clear, on my setup (which may be wrong I admit) I see localhost just about everywhere. These messages are actually getting bounced as well because appearantly they do NOT conform to RFC standards. In addittion to that I am also told that our mailing IP is blacklisted because of "backscatter" which is being generated from zimbra. I would really like to address that! but where? could there be a place to edit these settings or even failure messages themselves?

7. The setup process is straight forward over command line and generates very little confusion. I see no need to mess with any of that.

8. I would like to see something in here that gives you the ability to manage timeouts and mail flow it's too automated with no real room for customization.