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Thread: ZCA 6.0.7 IP address changing to DHCP

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    Default ZCA 6.0.7 IP address changing to DHCP


    I am currently looking to trial ZCA in a vSphere 4.x environment.

    I downloaded the appliance in .ova format, deployed as per the doco and selected to use a fixed IP address. Once deployed, the IP seems to be a DHCP one.

    When I change the IP to a fixed within the Admin interface it seems to hang. The text "Setting network settings" appears on the right and the small circle seems to just rotate forever and ever and ever...

    any help/ideas would be appreciated.

    I logged onto the console in vSphere for the ZCA and noted that the address had changed to the static IP. After 10 minutes, I logged into the admin web-interface with the new static IP, but cannot login. Error: "Unable to connect to server. Please try again". I can log into the console with as vmware user.
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