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Thread: openLDAP and Zimbra GAL?

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    Default openLDAP and Zimbra GAL?

    Once I've configured authentication to point to an external LDAP server in the Zimbra admin console, will my users automatically be connected to the GAL? I would like user search and autocomplete to work without having to migrate my list of users from the LDAP server into the GAL.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    no. next to the 'configure authentiation' button is a 'configure gal' button. by default the gal is internal even if you're using external auth so you'd have to set teh gal to external and configure it for your ldap server.

    keep in mind too that even if a user authenticates to an external ldap, they still have to be local users in zimbra as well. so all your users that will be using it will be in internal gal. usually you only setup an external gal to have addresses that are not users of your email system.

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