We are looking at setting up a Zimbra 4.0 server on SuSE 10.0 to replacing a Horde system currently supporting our own and several clients' groupware systems.

We've read through the Admin manual, and searched through these forums and the wiki but still have a few questions.

Our pilot setup comprises 4.0GA Open Source on SuSE 10.0. The SuSE machine sits behind a firewall that does NAT, so the SuSE box actually has a private IP address. This is how we have set up a number of our existing Postfix boxes. Bind is not installed on any of our boxes, as they are located in a colo that provides fast DNS servers.

Ideally, we would like to use the Network Edition of Zimbra on SLES10, but that's a separate issue...

Here are the questions related to our current pilot:

1. Our understanding is that a NAT'd Postfix installation requires the directive 'proxy_interfaces = in main.cf where is the public IP in the A/MX DNS record combo. Zimbra does not include this statement in main.cf, so are we OK to add this statement by manually editing main.cf?

2. What is the preferred way in Zimbra to set up virtual hosts for each client's web site? Historically, for each client we have used a unique public/private IP pair, binding the multiple private IPs to the server's NIC, configuring A and MX records in each client's public DNS space, setting up appropriate NAT rules on the firewall, and adding appropriately configured client.conf files in /etc/apache2/conf.d. We do it this way because we brand each client's portal site with each client's own logo, and we are looking at doing the same with the Network edition of Zimbra.

2a. We also configure Apache for automatic redirect to https on our current system, even for logins. How do we do this with Zimbra?

3. To what extent will we break Zimbra's scripts by manually editing Postfix's main.cf and related files to take advantage of Postfix's anti-UCE capabilities? Page 35 of the Admin manual says not to hand edit main.cf, because changes will be overwritten. But we want to take better advantage of postfix's header and helo checks (as well as other functionality.)

3a. We have also used the postfix aliases file to point abuse@, postmaster@, webmaster@, etc for each of our clients' domains to one of our own admin accounts. Can we use the Zimbra aliases gui to set up cross-domain aliases? So that an account like "utility@reliablenetworks.com" can have as aliases addresses like "postmaster@clientAdomain.com"?

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