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Thread: Zimbra with 6000 mailbox

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    phl4kx Guest

    Default Zimbra with 6000 mailbox

    Hi all, I have to implement a server with 6000 mailbox in Zimbra Collaboration Suite, a quota of 10 MB per mailbox, can anyone recommend a configuration and hardware to support this.

    Anyone have Zimbra with a lot of mailbox?


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    There's more to it than the number and size of mailboxes. You also have to consider how many requests the Zimbra server will be getting a day, and how. How many emails will be coming in and going out, how many clients will be logged in at a time, how they will be logging in (Webmail/imap/pop3/etc.).
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    phl4kx Guest

    Default Zimbra with 6000 mailbox

    The access is with webclient, about 1000 concurrent, I like to know the hardware specs for 6000 mailbox, 10MB x Mailbox, I have to implement a Single Server or MultiServer, what do you think?

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    As Krishopper said, unless you know what your mail volumes are going to be, it's hard to spec this out for you.

    Also, are you going to allow mobile access? IMAP clients (which are very resource intensive)?

    If you don't know or can't get this info, then you'll need to decide whether to have a system that may be "light" on resources, with user slowdowns -- at which point you can add more servers; OR, if you have the budget for a beefier system which might be significantly underutilized.

    If you are migrating these users from an existing system, the data for which we are asking should be available I would think.

    Hope that helps,

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    Honestly, with such tiny quota, I don't see the point in using ZCS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klug View Post
    Honestly, with such tiny quota, I don't see the point in using ZCS.
    Was thinking the same thing. 10mb is tiny these days. Our average mailbox size is 1.2G. No quotas, as people pay for what they use. Business users.

    If you are really going to go for 10mb, thats only 60G of storage. Well within 1 server, as long as you get enough ram and cpu.
    10mb quota also makes the mailbox useless enough, perhaps you can revise your simultaneous user estimate downwards...
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