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Thread: Debian Professional Network Edition?

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    Default Debian Professional Network Edition?


    First I'd like to say that I've been tracking Zimbra for what must be well over a year. We run an almost excusively Debian based server environment, with one straggling Exchange server left, which we'd like to replace.

    We've been waiting for Zimbra to support 'shared folders' (or an equivalent) as we heavily use them accross the company, and 4.0 has them! (caused a small dance in the office I must say).

    Any sign of a Debian Network Edition? We need all the features of the Professional Network Edition, and would be a nussaince to have to find a spare box to (buy first and...) install RHEL (not a SuSE fan ) on just for zimbra.

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    Default eek

    probably just noticed this is the wrong forum to post in, my mistake.

    clearly too eager


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    Here's one problem we're having with Debian that's preventing us from shipping NE on it - the default 2.6 kernel contains a bug that prevents the tomcat process from dropping permissions properly. Huge security hole, sure, but even more to the point - if tomcat shuts down uncleanly, the few root-owned threads that run (due to this bug) will change the ownership of some log files (and even message/index files, occasionally) to root - which prevents tomcat from restarting.

    We found this first on SuSE, but a kernel update will get you a good kernel - AFAICT, with Debian, you have to build your own kernel to bypass the bug - and we really don't want to support our product on a custom kernel.
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    When I understood correctly you say Debian sarge with kernel
    * kernel-image-2.6.8-3-686 / kernel-image-2.6.8-3-686-smp
    has this Bug, what is the statement from debian ?
    Will just understand the problem better.

    Anyway, but 2.4 is running fine ?
    * kernel-image-2.4.27-3-686 / kernel-image-2.4.27-3-686-smp

    I've the Community edition running under Debian and it looks currently stable for me ;-). Currenly testing the trial of Network edition with RH4

    Do you consider to provide Network edition for Debian (e.g. 4) or Ubuntu LTS in the future.

    I think that it could be really interesting to provide a "thin" Distribution

    Thanks for your great job !!!


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