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    Hello guys,

    Can any one guide me about the package of RHEL (zcs-6.0.8_GA_2661.RHEL5.20100820051652). Is it supported by Cent OS version 4.8? because on Zimbra website (Open Source Edition Downloads: Enterprise Messaging and Collaboration Software by Zimbra) i didn't fine the package for Cent OS.


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    Do a search on the forums and bugzilla and you will find tons of info on CentOS. Basically what it boils down to, IMO anyway, is that due to political / business reasons, rather than technical reasons, Zimbra does not "officially" support CentOS. That said, you should have absolutely no problem running the RHEL versions of Zimbra with CentOS. I run it this way in my production environment, and have been doing so for several years now. There are many other people on the forums, including other Moderators, who do the same.

    A couple of important things to note though. You say you are running CentOS 4.8, but you are looking at the RHEL5 Zimbra package. You want to match the versions, so in your case you would want the RHEL4 Zimbra package. Also, you will see on the downloads page that support for RHEL4 is being phased out. If you are starting fresh with a Zimbra install now I would recommend upgrading to CentOS 5.

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    Thanks for the reply and clarification. i am downloading Cent OS 5.5 version and will deploy and will let you know....


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