I have been trying to get zimbra-proxy to proxy my imap and http connections for a multi-server setup for a couple of weeks now. I was getting inconsistent results (working when accessing some mailbox servers while not others). So i have setup a simple test setup with one mailstore server and one proxy server. I wanted to get it working for one mailstore server then add one mailstore server at a time.

But i have not been able to get it working with just one mailstore server and one proxy server. HTTP proxy seems to work part of the way. I get the login prompt. I type in the username and password and it seems to accept it, but the actual webmail page never comes up.... On the IMAP side I just get a Login error from the client... I have tried and retried this over and over. Starting from a clean install of the zimbra server on both the mailstore and proxy server.

I am using the instructions on
Enabling Zimbra Proxy - Zimbra :: Wiki

I don't even know where to begin to debug the problem. any help would be appreciated.