Hi all,

I have recently overhauled my Zimbra setup, but after doing so run into a rather large and annoying problem. Here are the details about my new setup; a description and specific error message pertaining to my problem follows.

- I am running ZCS 6.0.8 GA (see my profile info for additional details about the version).
- I have two servers that I want to use with Zimbra, one that I am hosting myself which runs RHEL 6, and another (my friend's machine) hosted by Linode and running Debian 5. Both are 32-bit.
- I have the Red Hat server, hostname ms1c.mydomain.com, set up as the main Zimbra server. All components are installed except SNMP, logger, and the MTA.
- The second server, es2d.zcs.mydomain.com, is running the MTA and logger components. I want to use it as the mail transfer part of the Zimbra multi-server setup.

So basically I've installed Zimbra onto both machines without encountering any problems. I have LDAP set up on both servers, with the RHEL 6 server being the master LDAP and the Debian 5 server being the only replica. I also installed the zimbra-proxy and zimbra-memcached packages because I heard they were required if running a multi-server environment.

Everything is working fine except for the fact that I can't get any mail clients to connect via POP3 to Zimbra and download e-mail. I always get a prompt to enter my account password, but I have verified that the password and username are correct.

Here is the output from a POP3 server test I ran this morning. The error message I'm getting is at the end. Note that "mail.mydomain.com" is the only MX record I have configured for my domain, and it points to the IP address of the Debian 5 server.

Resolving hostname...
S:+OK mail.mydomain.com Zimbra POP3 server ready
S:+OK Capability list follows
C: USER admin@mydomain.com
S:+OK hello admin@mydomain.com, please enter your password
C: PASS ********
S:-ERR operation sent to wrong host (you want 'ms1c.mydomain.com')
ERROR: Login failed -ERR operation sent to wrong host (you want 'ms1c.mydomain.com')
POP3 test failed.
Is there any way that I can get this error fixed so I can successfully connect to Zimbra POP3? I haven't done anything to the IMAP and POP3 proxy component after installing it, but am not sure if this is what is causing the problem or not. I'm not sure exactly how to configure it though, and read on the Zimbra documentation that it needed no configuration once installed.

I would really appreciate any assistance provided by the Zimbra community.

Thanks in advance!