I am trying to setup a test domain for 4.0.
I downloaded the Zimbra VMware FC4 package (3.1.1) and upgraded Zimbra to 4.0 while still in VMware Player.
Next I imported the VM to my VMware GSX server using VMware Importer.
A quick fix by setting the NIC to 'vlance' and all is well.
The Zimbra VM is bridged and has an internal IP in the 192.168.1.x range and my firewall is using 1to1 NAT to port forward the external IP tot he server.
So far I've forwarded 7071 and 25.
The admin interface pulls up OK from outside but telnet to 25 doesn't seem to work. Hmm.
I have a test domain name I'll setup the MX to point to the box.
Anyhow, the actual question is, how do I add the appropriate hostname to the FC4 Zimbra box?
I assume DNS will need to resolve both ways for proper operation.