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Thread: High Load

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    Default High Load

    On a 32-bit CentOS 5.5 production server I'm using Zimbra 6.0.7 with a normal load.

    I'm setting up a fresh 64-bit install on another CentOS 5.5 server but the load is already higher then on my production server even if that server doesn't do anything yet.

    It looks like I'm dealing with this bug:
    Bug 34040 – Zimbra java consumes all memory on Ubuntu 8.0.4 64bit

    Because 32-bit has the phase-out state I was going to use 64-bit from now on, but maybe I should have second thoughts.

    Any ideas what to do with that new server, start all over with 32-bit or hope for the best?

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    Default [fixed]

    I've been doing some more searching on this forum:

    Fixed, load is normal now. I guess this server can go into production.

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    I don't think in that version they've not fixed this problem. This problem happened in version 6.0.1 but as I saw that they fixed it.
    But any thing this is a good thing for every body.

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