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    Exclamation [SOLVED] GoDaddy Simple Control Panel

    I have stepped into a odd case. I have been asked to help this situation and do not know what to say to the owner of the server; here is what I know:
    1. Dedicated Server at
    2. Originally set up via command line
    3. Person who set it up has passed
    4. Owner has no clue
    5. Owner turned on the Simple Control Panel and Installed it
    6. Simple Control Panel install stopped Every process
    7. Zimbra is the mail server and has been restarted via SSH
    8. Domain for public access is not working
    9. To get it working I have to finish the add domain in Simple Control Panel
    10. If I do this GoDaddy says Zimbra will stop working?
    11. Owner needs the same domain name for both Mail Server and pubic domain access.

    12. Does anyone know what will happen when I set up the damn domain in Simple Control Panel? Will Zimbra keep working or if not what steps do I take? If the mail service goes down what steps do I take to get it up ASAP? Mostly, I am in over my head and need to know if the Godaddy simple control panel will change the domain in such a way that the owner of this travesty can not use the same domain name for both the mail and apache services to the pubic? Right now his site is down. Zimbra Mail server is running fine. He has Fedora Core 6 running the server.

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