Dear all,

Recently i download zimbra 4 version 32bit for RHEL4, and i install it on Centos4.3 32-bit. It works very fine and creating on a single problem.
recently i download zimbra 4 64Bit ver for RHEL4 x_86-64bit, when i tried to install it on Centos4.3 x_86-64bit it get failed during the installation. I got the following error on screen.
Installing packages
zimbra-core......zimbra-core-4.0.1_GA_324.RHEL4_64-20060906184245.x86_64.rpm ...FAILED
zimbra-core-4.0.1_GA_324.RHEL4_64-20060906184245.x86_64.rpm installation failed
Installation cancelled
AND when i check the logs i got the error as under

Preparing packages for installation...
Error occurred during initialization of VM
Dumping a shared archive is not supported on the Server JVM.
error: %post(zimbra-core-4.0.1_GA_324.RHEL4_64-20060906184245.x86_64) scriptlet failed, exit status 1

any one can have idea what i am missing or any solution of it. I search the whole installation forum but i cannot get and soution.
Please help me in this regard.