I wanted to put my store and db files on a separate volume, I use openfiler as my san, so I have a 100GB partition that I mounted on /zimbra-data.

These were my steps:
1. Stop Zimbra services
2. mv /opt/zimbra/store and /opt/zimbra/db to /zimbra-data

So, now I have /zimbra-data/store and /zimbra-data/db

3. I created symbolic links to the new folders. ln -s /opt/zimbra/store /zimbra-data/db and ln -s /opt/zimbra/db /zimbra-data/db.

Everything seemed to go fine. I re-started the Zimbra services and all said started. However I could not access my store. I checked status and all said running except 'mysql.server is not runnning'. I tried to restart it. When I restart it, it says started, however when I check status again, it says not running. So, it will not stay running. Any ideas on what I did wrong or how I could fix it? Thank you very much.