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Thread: Zimbra, Asterisk and SAMBA on one server?

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    Default Zimbra, Asterisk and SAMBA on one server?

    I'm looking to consolidate a few different machines onto one server - I am going to be migrating from OpenGroupware to Zimbra for our office and we run an Asterisk server for phones and a simple SAMBA based fileserver... Does anyone have any input on the technical feasibility of this? Any reason why these might not play well on one machine?


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    Samba runs fine on the same box. Only caveat is if you're using ldap as the samba backend it's easier to run a seperate ldap instance on a different port for samba and use external auth for zimbra to that ldap instance. I run Fedora Directory Server on port 390 for instance, use Samba against that, and use external auth for my zimbra domains pointing to 390. It's been recommended on this forum by zimbra people not to use the zimbra openldap DIT for samba as you cannot guarantee the data across updates. generally speaking it's best not to hack zimbra stuff as it gets overwritten in any update.

    Never tried asterix, looks v.interesting though.

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