Good Morning,
I am currently an IT student and trying to use Zimbra in a project. We are using ESXi on a blade server and have installed the Zimbra appliance, OTRS appliance, File Server appliance and the LAMP appliance each on a separate VM. Our objective is to set up a mock company that would allow customers to view a website (LAMP) and submit an online ticket request (OTRS) for our services. The ticket would then be forwarded to the company email (Zimbra). We have everything setup, however, we can't quite get the Zimbra mail system to work. When we try to send mail between company emails (all internal), the mail gets deferred and is never delivered. Can anyone give us some suggestions?
If you need anymore information, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

Oh, I forgot to mention that for our DNS, we used the PDC appliance.