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Thread: External IMAP account forces TLS when I don't want it

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    Default External IMAP account forces TLS when I don't want it

    (edit: hmm, it works now. I disabled starttls on the server again and now it works...)


    I'm migrating my mail to zimbra, but I'm running into problems. I need to import my existing mail from my Imap server (running on my desktop PC). I can't upload to zimbra, because Thunderbird just stops after a while. So, I need to use the external account feature of Zimbra.

    However, when I try to connect, it says this:

    d2:CN22:halfgaar.kicks-ass.net1:O24:Internet Widgits Pty Ltd2:OU0:6:accept4:true5:alias26:localhost:AD30F7E 036BD704D4:fromi1283591878000e4:host9:localhost3:i cn22:halfgaar.kicks-ass.net2:io24:Internet Widgits Pty Ltd3:iou0:3:md532:2E1712109A87D760F23FB140F655247E 8:mismatch5:false1:s16:AD30F7E036BD704D4:sha140:47 18B4E622EA6B19D877CA6D73655DD20A6214032:toi1598951 878000ee
    I connect through an SSH tunnel to port 143, (local port 1900 to remote 143). Seeing as how it mentions certificate info like (my home address) and Internet Widgists, it is clear it communicates through TLS, because it can't know that otherwise. But, my certificate is self signed, so it gives an error.

    When I disable STARTTLS in the server, it gives a timeout.

    This post was of no help.

    My server is configured with:

    - zmtlsctl both (although that applies to the webserver, afaik)
    - zmlocalconfig -e ssl_allow_accept_untrusted_certs=true
    - zmlocalconfig -e data_source_trust_self_signed_certs=true

    I did zmcontrol restart to no avail.

    I also tried connecting directly with SSL port 993. Same problem.

    Anybody know the solution? Or perhaps another way to import mail?
    Last edited by halfgaar; 12-08-2010 at 11:12 AM. Reason: It mysteriously works now...

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