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the point of view of our future NE customer (where we are going to place a large number of licenses) about that matter is:

"It's simply impossible that this key-feature(ZAD) of the NE-version does stop
to work only because the licence is not yet renewed!
What we could tolerate is, that the restore GUI is not anymore "available"
but stopping the forking process would not be compliant.
What we do fully understand is that no support and no updates are available
any more"

Our questions:
Does the forking process really stop after licence expiration?
Does the "restore GUI" stop to work after licence expiration?

Thank's a lot for a statement.

This is a feature of the Network Edition of Zimbra which is licensed on an annual basis, if the licence is not renewed then any NE features will cease working (after the thirty days). There really isn't any alternative to that, it's exactly the same for the other NE features - these are the proprietary bits that Zimbra includes in NE and that's what the licence pays for (plus support etc.). If you want to confirm those details then please feel free to get in touch with your Zimbra sales contact.