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    I had Zimbra connected to my Optonline Out Look Express. I need somehelp with a few things and i am not teck Savy.

    Would like signature to pop up automatically on all eml out going and repls.

    Tags are not working properly. I get emails in both my personal as well as business in box.

    Would like to see notification indicating that I replied to this eml.

    How long are deleted emls saved.

    Wold like an overall tutorial of Zimbra....eml me and I will give you my ph #

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    None of these questions are Zimbra related questions, they're "How do I use Outlook Express" questions. I doubt you'll get many responses.

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    In zimbra signatures are specified in preferences for each user
    In zimbra that's an admin setting in the COS area I believe
    Zimbra Support - Technical Resources gets you lots of help stuff

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